Da’wah in Pluralist Society

Written By: Ahmad Syarif H (Student of CRCS Bacth 2010)

Preaching (Da’wah) as one tool to disseminate the teachings of a religion has a very important role in creating harmony, peace and tranquility in the midst of society. As an instrument which aims to convey the teachings of religion to the common people, not infrequently by the interpreter da’wah (da’i, missionaries, etc.) it is used as a tool to provoke people to do anarchist ways that intolerant and exclusive. So that not a few cases of violence occurring in the community began the process of preaching like this.

In this paper, preaching as one part of religious teaching is time taking part in creating a conducive atmosphere in a pluralist society. To achieve this goal, mission elements, such as the agents of missionary and materials to be delivered not only the orientation and/or oriented to increase faith in God (exclusive), but the most important thing is how the agents of mssionary and materials which is presented can guide and directing people to practice the universal values and humanist possessed by every religion so that people can realize that there are differences, not for likened, but empowered.

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