Azis Anwar Fachrudin

Ma’ruf and NU factor

Ahmad Najib Burhani’s piece in The Jakarta Post (May 9) on the Ma’ruf Amin factor in Joko Widodo’s reelection success made two points worth reexamining.

NU’s policy on ‘kafir’: Not new, but important

A review of Nahdlatul Ulama’s call for an end to addressing non-Muslims as “kafir”, an appeal arising from its recent national conference in West Java.

Uncovering FPI’s alliance with Soeharto’s children in 2019

Rizieq Shihab, who condemned the New Order regime, has called the Soeharto’s children-led Berkarya Party a “nationalist, Pancasilaist” party.

2019 elections: Pancasila contested

Closer to the general elections this April, the rhetoric of Islamic-leaning parties of both the incumbent’s and the challenger’s camps implies as if Pancasila serves their aspirations more than those of secular parties.  

How moderate has Ma’ruf Amin become?

Six month after his appointment, Ma’ruf Amin appears to confirm the inclusion-moderation theory. But a closer look suggests it has yet to be the case.

Menengahi Benturan Kebebasan Beragama dengan Kesetaraan Gender

Catatan dari kelas Religion and Human Rights bersama Lena Larsen dari Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief.