Tuhan, Alam, Manusia: Perspektif Sains dan Agama

God, Life, and the Cosmos: Science and Religion’s Perspective

TUHAN,-ALAM-DAN-MANUSIAPaperback: 470 pages

Publisher: Mizan cooperated with CRCS UGM

Year: 2006

In a continually changing global situation, there is an urgent need for dialogue among the various faith traditions. Such dialogue and discourse can take many forms and subjects. The science discourses from the perspective of religion is one of them. This method can build a new road to a sharper awareness of God, man, and nature, the place where we all live.

This book presents the views of the scientists from the two major religious traditions: Islam and Christianity. They discussed various mode of relationship between science and religion in relation to fundamental questions about the origin and purpose of life and the universe. This book is an attempt to present a general view of the diverse perspectives of Christianity and Islam relating to the relationship between faith and science in general, and between the two major religious traditions and some aspects of modern cosmology and bioethics.

This cooperation is trying to answer some pressing issues in the field of science and religion. Both have global effects, have tremendous power, and claim to provide answers about the ultimate questions that humankind has ever faced. These issues become urgent because science and religion are the two most important forces shaping the contemporary life in many parts of the world today. (YWU)

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