Greg Fealy: The Squabbling Political Elite Inside Nahdlatul Ulama

In this interview, Greg Fealy revealed the rivalry and constellation that has been going on among the elites inside Nahdlatul Ulama, a religious organization in Indonesia, since 1960 up to now. Greg tried to analyze how the elite NU, from the generation of Hasbullah Wahab to Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) as captains of the organization, […]

MC. Ricklefs: Polarization streams and Politicised Religion in Indonesian Society

CRCS: What news from the new forms of polarization of Islam in Indonesia? Ricklefs: Very dynamic, it is usual where the persons who used to be a PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) member, converted to Christianity, and also a lot of them who have a kebatinan (inner faith) background, yes indeed some were also converted to […]

Paul F. Knitter: My Retrospective on 40 Years in Dialogue

How can we live our life in a world of many convincing truth? How can a person become both a theologian and a pluralist interreligious dialoguer? The article that published here is written by Prof. Dr. Paul F. Knitter, a professor of interreligious theology at Union Theological Seminary, New York. Narrating his life experience in […]