WED FORUM: The Encounter Between Christianity and Manggaraian Culture



The encounter between Christianity and Manggaraian people has transformed a lot of aspects of traditional indigenous life of Manggaraian people. One aspects in which we can see this traditional life of Manggaraian people is through its oral tradition. Here I focus on myth and the related ritual of Manggaraian people.

In this study I want to answer this main research question: Do Manggaraian traditional myths and rituals from the earliest recorded records, still play an important role in the present Manggaraian life? This question will be derived in those following derivative questions. 1. What are the most important myths and rituals and theme in the recorded tradition? 2. Are they still influential? 3. Have they been changed through interaction with catholicism? 4. Has Catholicism in Manggarai been affected by these myths and rituals and practices also? Here I will focus in this discussion on the derivative question number three. And my answer is an affirmative one: There is a change in the space-perception of Manggaraian people due to the encounter with Christianity.

Haf2wZ7Fransiskus Borgias. M, Lecturer and Researcher at Philosophy and Theology Department of Catholic University of Parahyangan Bandung. Study philosophy in STF Driyarkara Jakarta (BA). Studied Theology in Major Seminary Sancti Pauli Kentungan Yogyakarta (S1). Study masteral for intercultural theology in Radboud University Nijmegen, Nederland. Ph.D.,Candidate in ICRS Yogya. Write 10 books and translate 8 books. Visiting Researcher at Theology Department of Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA.


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