WED FORUM: Popular Culture and The Transformation of Islamic Media in Indonesia

For the past two decades, Islam in Indonesia has been at the forefront of the production and consumption of popular culture. Contemporary forms of Islamic pop culture mobilize a sense of nostalgia since Islam was very much marginalized especially during the authoritarian regimes in post-colonial Indonesia. Meanwhile pressures to uphold public morality derive from Da’wa practices underlying the value of ‘amr ma’ruf nahi munkar’ (enjoining good and forbidding wrong) – this phrase becomes a central doctrine for public morality and the key rhetorical struggles promoted by Islamic media including those adopting pop style .
This rediscovery of Islam not only benefits political Islam activities, it induces a greater need to explore new activities in the cultural, aesthetic, legal and intellectual realms to justify and celebrate newly acquired privileges, and to express new identities and aspiration, and to expand politico-economic positions.

Speaker :
RfOtdndDr. Arie Setyaningrum Pamungkas, MA is a lecturer and researcher at Dept.Sociology Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta Indonesia. She obtained BAin Sociology in 1998 from Gadjah Mada University and MA in Sociology and Cultural Studies in 2003 from The University of Sydney, Australia. Her PhD is in Southeast Asian Studies from Humboldt University of Berlin in 2014 on dissertation titled ‘The Dakwah Media in Post Suharto Indonesia: From Politics of Identity to Popular Culture.’


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