WED FORUM: Place as a Medium


During the Jacob’s early journey, when he had reached certain place, he stopped for the night to rest. He took one of stones to rest his head down to sleep. He had a dream which he had an encounter with God and received blessings from him. Next morning he was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” Then he poured oil on top of the stone that he had used as pillow. He called that place Bethel.

Do we need a physical place to express our belief or to have a relationship with God or gods? For a long history of humanity has been having a special ‘site’ to gather to worship and share their faith with one another or a secret personal place to adore a higher being. During the Forum, I will use a variety example of places globally visiting temples and sites in Indonesia, korea, Germany, and Tunisia, during the 9th century to compare each other cultures and belief. And temples and ‘site’s that they built will be analyzed to understand their differences and their communalities relation to their belief at that time. The research for their relationship between faith and their special ‘site’ can also leads to ask another questions like do we also need a physical place in the same manner as before? Is there any change in our concept in desire for the worship fashion? If there is any change, what or where is the new place can be substituted the old sites?

ElyXBCXSOOK NIM CHOI. Born in Seoul Korea, in her teen years her family emigrated to São Paulo, Brasil. Studied at Instituto de Matematica e Estatistica da Universidade de São Paulo. After marriage she went to the USA and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, at the San Francisco Art Institute, CA, and a Master of Fine Arts, concentration in Painting, at the University of California, Berkeley, where she taught Painting and Installation class for undergraduates. She also assisted all levels of teaching as the director of art in Palo Alto Art Studio. She has been an artist and still very actively exhibiting. She is a successful entrepreneur of ‘Pepe Francois’ a fashion design jewelry business in San Francisco and ‘Palo Alto Art Studio’ an art portfolio creating business in Silicon Valley for many years.
Now she is residing in Yogyakarta and works as a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture dan Design Product in Duta Wacana Christian University. Email:


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