CRCS&ICRS Wednesday Forum: “Tiga Alasan Mengapa Kalian Perlu Mencari Kebenaran Secara Serius”

Kami mengundang mahasiswa CRCS dan ICRS, fakultas dan rekan-rekan lainnya untuk berpartisipasi dalam CRCS & ICRS Wednesday Forum minggu ini. Forum kali ini akan menghadirkan Dr. Phil Enns sebagai pembicara, yang akan berbicara tentang “Tiga Alasan Mengapa Kalian Perlu Mencari Kebenaran Secara Serius”. Informasi mengenai forum ini dapat dibaca di bawah ini.

Hari/tanggal: Rabu, 9 Desember 2009
Waktu: 12.30 14.30 WIB (gratis makan siang)
Tempat: Ruang 306, UGM Sekolah Pascasarjana Jln. Teknika Utara Pogung
Pembicara: Dr. Phil Enns


“Three Reasons Why You Should Take the Search for Truth Seriously”. In Academia today, one hears a great deal of talk about culture, contexts and perspectives. This sort of talk, in and of itself, is not mistaken, and in fact has proven to be quite valuable, both as a balance to earlier excesses and providing insight of its own. However, one of the consequences of this discourse, which has arisen primarily out of the social sciences, is reluctance on the part of scholars to think of themselves as part of a larger project in pursuit of the truth. I think this is unfortunate.

Instead of arguing why this is unfortunate, I would like to instead offer three reasons why people who study religion should take the search for Truth seriously. First, I will argue that religious beliefs cannot be studied properly without considering how they could be true. Second, I will argue that some religious beliefs are more true than others and so the study of religion must include judgements about the truth of religious beliefs. Third, if people are serious about inter-religious dialogue, then this dialogue must be grounded in the search for Truth. I will conclude that in order for the study of religion to be a discipline that offers knowledge and understanding, it must be committed to the search for Truth.

Sekilas tentang Pembicara:

Dr. PHIL ENNS is currently a visiting lecturer at the State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta. Some of his courses include Global Issues Religion, Democracy and the Public Sphere and Contemporary Philosophical Thought: Jurgen Habermas, Introduction to Philosophy, Modern Western Philosophy and Logic: Critical Reasoning. In 2008, Dr. Enns was invited by CRCS UGM as a visiting lecturer and taught a graduate course on Introduction to Postmodernism. Previously he taught in Gindiri College of Theology in Nigeria and Brock University.

Dr. Enns earned his doctorals degree from the University of St. Michaels College, University of Toronto, Canada in 2006. He obtained his masters degree from Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Some of his selected publications include: (1) Interconnection between Islamic and Western Philosophy in the World Today.Innovatio, Vol. VII, No. 13, Edisi Jan-Juni 2008. (Journal published by IAIN Jambi) (2) Reason and Revelation: Kant and the Problem of Authority. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 62, No. 2, October 2007. (3) Habermas, Reason, and the Problem of Religion: The Role of Religion in the Public Sphere. Heythrop Journal, Vol. 48, No. 6, November 2007. (4) Enns, Phil. How Can Religious Beliefs Be True? Ph.D. Thesis, University of St. Michaels College, University of Toronto, 2006.


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