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Hari/Tanggal: Rabu, 04 Februari 2009
Waktu: 12.30 14.30 WIB (Makan Siang Gratis)
Tempat: Ruang 306, Sekolah Pascasarjana, Jln. Teknika Utara Pogung, YKT
Pembicara: Mustaghfiroh Rahayu, M.A.


The role pesantren (Islamicboarding school) as one of the social, cultural and religious power in Indonesia couldnot be neglected. From the late of eighteenth century, pesantren hascontributed in Indonesians education. Pesantren is a model of educationtakes place in the boarding house and a house of the teacher at the center.Mosque as the center of activities, santri (student), kyai (pesantren leader), and classical book teaching are the main characteristic ofa pesantren. Pesantren life has its own norms which is much different from thesociety’s one. Some attitudes that can be tolerated in the society, in some ways,cannot be tolerated in pesantren.However, the development of pesantren in nowadays-Indonesian life is seemingly fmore unction as a provider of asecure dormitory instead of as a learning institution. Most Indonesian muslimparents prefer to choose pesantren as a living place for their childrenwhen they have to stay out of home for studying, especially for theirdaughters. However, female students are a biopsychosocial human (Crooks andBaur, 2008:5). Their sexual activities are in response to their hormonal,nervous system, emotional needs and values taught. Pesantren can assure thatthey already give a true discourse on sexuality, but when santri (students) go beyond pesantrens gate, pesantren can not controlthem anymore. Life outside pesantren provides them with abundantinformation and chance to express their sexuality, especially campus life.This research will analyzedynamic of negotiation between santri (student) and pesantren (or kyai and teachers) in constructing sexuality discourse. Based on theconstructionist approach on sexuality this research will answer question on howdoes sexual discourse constructed in pesantren. How is the dynamic relationbetween the leader and students in constructing this discourse? What are thetools both used in their negotiation? Whose power is more effective in this discourse construction?

About the speaker:

Mustaghfiroh Rahayu graduated from CRCS UGM in 2005.Spending her time after graduation in Aceh to involve in humanitarian work fora year. With the support of Florida International University (FIU), she tookher second master in religious studies at FIU and graduated in 2008. Rightafter finishing her second master, she has joined the Center for Religious andCross Cultural Studies (CRCS) UGM as coordinator of Research and PublicEducation in September 2008. Her academic interests are mainly in women andreligion, religion and sexuality, sexuality and its intersection with publicpolicy. Islam dan Gerakan Perempuan Indonesia (Islam and Womens Movement in Indonesia),Co-authored with Mukhotib MD, published by LKiS 2007. Some of her publicationsare: An Islamic Dialog on Population Issue: An Indonesia Case Study, paperpresented at Regional Meeting of American Academy of Religion (AAR)Southeastern Commission of the Study of Religion, Atlanta, March 7 9, 2008; Which/WhosePowers are Playing in this Pesantren: Constructing Sexual Discourse inIndonesias Islamic Boarding School, paper presented at Annual Meeting ofAmerican Academy of Religion (AAR), Chicago, November 1 3, 2008.


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