Forum Rabu CRCS dan ICRS: Pondering Practical Post Colonialism

Jika Anda tertarik dengan thema Pondering Practical Post Colonialism, silahkan bergabung dengan Forum Rabu CRCS&ICRS. Diskusi akan diselenggarakan pada hari Rabu, 12 Maret 2008, bertempat di Gedung Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM, lantai 3, ruang 306, jam 13:00-15:00. Sebagai pembicara Elaine Kay Swartzentruber, Ph.D.

Elaine Kay Swartzentruber adalah dosen di CRCS-UGM. Beliau memperoleh gelar gelar Ph.D dari Universitas Emory, Atlanta. Disertasi beliau berjudul They were All Together and Had Everything in Common: Subjectivity and community in modern and Postmodern Theologies. Beliau dulunya merupakan asisten professor pada bidang Agama, Theology dan Budaya di Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. Beberapa publikasi beliau adalah Response in To Continue the Dialogue; Biblical Interpretation and Homosexuality (Pandora Press US, 2001), Re-Marking the Body of Christ: Toward a Postmodern Mennonite Ecclesiology, in The Mennonite Quarterly Review, April 1997, etc.

Diskusi ini gratis dan seperti biasa, sebelum diskusi dimulai, para peserta akan diundang untuk makan siang bersama.

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Pondering Practical Post Colonialism
By; Elaine Kay Swartzentruber

For the past few years I have been working on a project about the religious practice of hospitality as a trope for understanding and disentangling issues of race, gender, class, and religion in American society. The impetus for this project was spending 3 years in the late 1990s living in an intentional Christian community in inner city Atlanta comprised of white middle class American Christians like myself and (mostly) African American homeless men trying to transition back into American society. The project on hospitality took one interesting turn when my spouse and I adopted our first daughter from China in 2002 and the paradigm of International Adoption of Asian children by white North Americans became another locus of interrogation of race, gender, class and culture deeply influenced by and helped by postcolonialist theories.

Coming to live in Indonesia has inserted yet another turn in my work one prompted by a colleague challenging me to find a practical use for the postcolonial theories that I find so helpful in trying to understand all that has come before in my scholarly pursuits and all that seems to be flying at me in this new context.

In the time allotted to me, I will attempt to lay out some of my recent thinking about these issues and covet the wisdom and interrogation of those gathered to help me sort through half formed thoughts and many questions around issues of empire, gender, race and religious studies.


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