Seni Slawatan Katolik di Paroki Ganjura

Judul: Seni Slawatan Katolik di Paroki Ganjuran: Sebuah Kajian Inkulturasi dari Perspektif Religi dan Budaya

Penulis: Latifah (CRCS, 2007)


The Catholic Church since Vatican Council II had advised the Church to be open in the adoption of local cultures as long as those were not against the teachings of the Catholic religion. The Catholic Church had defined this as inculturation.


Slawatan in the Church had its beginning at the Promasan Parish in Kulon Progo and has now spread into many other areas in the DIY province. Slawatan in Ganjuran has a unique history, that it was developed in the 1980s in order to support the implementation of P4. However, since the collapse of the New Order Regime in 1998, Slawatan has been transformed to become part of the Catholic religious ritual. The transformation had been guided by Promasan Catholic community, among others, Yosef Kartoyono.


There are many important values that contributed to the continuation of the Catholic Slawatan in the Mulyodadi Lor: as a communication medium; as a consolidation medium for the religious community; as a prayer medium; as a medium for moral teachings; and as a medium for self actualization through art.


The Council of Ganjuran Parish had developed policy on the inculturation of Slawatan, which are: terbangan music, in terms of lyrics and arrangement, has to be in accordance with living values, as prescribed by the Church; that the presence of the music should not negatively affect the understanding of faith; that the presence of the music in the Church could integrate the Church and the local culture.


While among the young generation, there are several point of views, in response to the discontinued regeneration of Slawatan in Ganjuran Parish, which are: that the young generation do not fully reside in their village; that the use of refined Javanese language was not fully understood by the young generation; that there was a lack of fundamental skills in terbangan musical instruments.

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