Cap Go Meh Celebration for Peoples in Tegal

Title: Cap Go Meh Celebration for People in Tegal

Author: Khaerul Ummah (CRCS, 2006)

Keywords: Cap Go Meh Celebration, Chinese, Non-Chinese community


This research has a title “Perayaan Cap Go Meh Bagi Masyarakat di Kota Tegal” (Cap Go Meh Celebration for Peoples in Tegal). Cap Go Meh is one of many Chinese celebrations that celebrated in Tegal. This is an interesting issue because Chinese existence in Indonesia. They got different political policies in three decades on existence issue if it based on Chinese political history in Indonesia. Goals of this research are to know Chinese attitude toward that celebration and non-Chinese role to that celebration.


To achieve those goals, the author takes various steps. The author collects the data in field by involving in Cap Go Meh celebration to get drawing and knowledge of celebration directly and holistically. Furthermore, the author also collects the data from some people with their own expectation by doing interview to get deep information about the celebration. Secondary data can be collected by library studying focused on not only about traditional Chinese philosophy and religion but Chinese existence history in Indonesia also. Descriptive analysis process is used in this research.


The result of this research stated that not all of Chinese in Tegal have the same attitude to Cap Go Meh celebration. They divided in two groups. First, they still celebrate Cap Go Meh because the celebration is still important for them related to their own ancestor religion and today they still believe it. This group looks different enthusiastic between young and old generation. Old generations focus and enthusiastic on ritual side and young generations focus and enthusiastic on celebration side. The second group is Chinese those are not celebrate Cap Go Meh. In this group, they have two attitudes; they are not celebrate Cap Go Meh absolutely because they have new religion and don’t want to mix their faith today with their ancestor religion, and they are not celebrate Cap Go Meh but accord this as their own ancestor culture which is important to maintain it. Non-Chinese community in Tegal has three roles in this celebration. First, they whose enjoy this celebration as spectator. Second, they whose help and get fee in celebration process. Third, they whose believe part of Chinese traditional religion and take part in ritual side of this celebration.

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