CRCS` Student Handbook 2013

CRCS` Student Handbook 2013

M.A. Full Time Student
This program is for students admitted to a masters (S-2) degree, i.e. Master of Arts (M.A.) in Religion and Crosscultural Studies. The study requires maximum of 2 years. This degree consists of 45 credits and involves writing a thesis (8 credits). Normally students are required to provide 40 hours a week during the time of study in order to complete the program in a timely manner. Prospective students are advised to consult to the Center

The master’s program revolves around three main areas of religious studies:

  1. Inter-Religious Dialogue;
  2. Religion and Local Culture;
  3. Religion and Contemporary Issues.

Non-Degree Program
CRCS also offers non-degree program for students interested to take only certain courses. The tuition for auditing a course is Rp. 500.000/courses for Indonesian students or US$ 250 for international students. To take the courses for credits (transcript provided) the cost is Rp. 1.250.000/courses for Indonesian students or US$ 350 for international students.


Graduates from this program possess the skills to critically analyze and address problems related to religion and to develop as professionals and leaders in the field of Religious and Cross-cultural Studies through teaching and researching in institutes of higher education or by becoming leaders in other religion-related institution or programs.


CRCS classes and offices occupy part of 3rd and 4th floors of Pascasarjana building located in one of the most beautiful areas of UGM. The building is equipped with Wi-fi internet connection, where student can enjoy browsing their favorite sources. In addition, CRCS shares with Doctoral program of ICRS, a students lounge supplied by some computers and internet connection. Additionally, our academic programs are strongly supported by a fast growing library of religious and cross-cultural studies.

Library of CRCS-ICRS is located on the 1st floor of Unit II building of Pascasarjana compound, exactly next to one building behind the Pascarjana building. Formerly, since its establishment in 2002 to early 2009, the library had occupied a small space on the 4th floor of Pascasarjana building. Considering the fast development of library in terms of books’ volume and users’ frequency, the Graduate School has provided a space, at the same room where library of Graduate school is situated. The library is transitioning to become more integrated with main campus library, although both still have different administrations.

Our library has secured around ten thousand books of different themes in religious and cross cultural studies including anthropology, sociology, psychology, world and Indonesian history. Most of the collections are provided to supply the teaching material and students researches. Since 2004, as CRCS has developed three cluster studies, the library has collected more books in inter-religious relations, religion and local culture and religion and contemporary issues. Since the establishment of ICRS (2007) PhD program, more books have been supplied for their students and faculty’s need as well. Besides hundred books of world religions, there are also two shelves of Islamic studies book in Arabic awarded by a private institution in Libya. Recently, we have been granted by Antony Reid, a professor at NUS, around 2500 books and journals with various themes mostly in history of Southeast Asia. The library also subscribes to some international and national periodicals and daily newspapers. Some collections are preserved such as Journals, magazines, encyclopedias, dictionary, maps, thesis, and some rare books which can be read only.

The growth of our library has been supported by courteous individuals, funding agencies, research projects, and student’s fees. Since its establishment in 2000, some professors, mainly from the US, have granted their books for the center. Almost all the visiting professors donate some of their collection for the library. We are very grateful with Prof. Antony Reid who has just made CRCSICRS library as a place for his precious book legacy. Some funding agencies which have supported library’s development are namely: The Asia Foundation (2003-2004), The Templeton Foundation (2003-2005), and NZAID foundation (2008-untill recently). Some research projects conducted by CRCS faculty had also increased the volume of our library collection. Every year, in additions, CRCS allocates 20% of (Education Operational Fee) Students’ fees for library.

As now our library is located in the same room as Graduate school library, CRCS-ICRS students have advantages to easily access more than 2300 book titles in different areas of multidisciplinary studies. They may also borrow up to two books from the Pascasarjana library for one week. Please see the Graduate School librarian for this purpose.Friday from 7.30 to 20.00, and Saturday from 09.00 to 16.00. The library is closed at the lunch time (from 12.00 to 13.00). During the weekdays, CRCS-ICRS students and faculty are allowed to borrow up to ten items one time. Users may keep the items up to two weeks. Any failure to return the items after two weeks will accrue penalty. Users have to pay a late fee with amount of 10.000 IDR. Any lost items must be replaced by the same value of the lost item.

Classrooms with audio visual capabilities.
Specialized library and free internet access.
International and national workshops.
Research seminars and conferences.
International exchange program for selected students.

To increase students’ English skills, besides providing them three days academic class a week, the Center has developed English atmosphere by using English as the language of communication in class, assignments, correspondence, extra curricular activities and announcements. We believe that such policy will help students get used to practicing their English.

In addition to the Academic English class, students are encouraged to make frequent use of the English Support Room to discuss their problems and difficulties in their English. Students may have their paper or assignments proofed by the English instructor. Those who write thesis in English and want to have their research report proofed by the Englishleast two weeks prior to the wanted date. In the meant time, we are looking forward to establishing Writing Center, in which academic community of CRCS can come and discuss face to face with the instructor about their English writing instead of proof reading.