Community Participation of Women in Villages to Change Patriarchal Culture

Patriarchal culture is still strong in the relationships between men and women in rural communities, reproduced in daily life from birth to adulthood and reinforced by religious understandings that place women in an unequal position. Mitra Wacana is a Yogyakarta-based NGO that has long worked with community women’s groups to bring about justice and gender equality at the village level . This presentation focusses on the Women and Children Learning Centers (P3A) formed by women’s groups in the villages to perform educational duties in the community related to justice and gender equality as well as to advocate in village governments so that women can play a more equal role in social, economic and political activities in the village, showing that women can be empowered and synergize with men.

Arif Sugeng Widodo earned his Master of Philosophy degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. He is manager of research and development division at Mitra Wacana.

Look at the full poster of the event here.



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