Legal Pluralism in Adat Land Conflict Resolution


This talk aims to depict the challenges and benefit of having legal pluralism in adat-related land conflict resolutions through three research questions.  This talk mainly focuses on the roles of legal pluralism in adat-land conflict resolution, particularly in Eastern Indonesia. Drawing experiences from different countries, four case studies in Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, are presented and discussed. Results from this research are hoped to enrich the discourse of legal pluralism in conflict resolution and convey new inputs to adat land conflict resolution’s selection of forum of law.


Linda Yanti Sulistiawati earned her PhD from the University of Washington in 2013 with support from theFulbright Presidential PhD award. She is currently a lecturer the Faculty of Law, UGM, with current research on climate change, land grabbing, and adat land conflict.  Her latest book is REDD+ Issues Influence in Indonesia Regulatory Process, Case Studies: REDD+ Task Force and UNREDD Indonesia (2014).

Look at the full poster of this event here.



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