Human Centered Security: Reimagining Conflict Stakeholder Relationships

ABSTRACT: National Security frameworks often leave out key community stakeholders from the process of deciding how to address priority issues. When outsiders intervene in local contexts, as with suppressing rebel movements through violent means, humanitarian intervention or ecological activism, community-level wisdom, insights and participation are often overlooked. This talk will discuss how government, the security sector and civilians play a part in ensuring security for all. Be it at a community or national level, Human Security puts people first in the search for security. It has three basic goals: freedom from want, freedom from fear and a life lived with dignity. ‘People-First’ security looks at how each sector in society seeks collaborative problem-solving processes.

SPEAKER: Maria Ida (Deng) Giguiento is one of the two recipients of the 2015 Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action Award. A grassroots peacebuilder from the Philippines, she has dedicated nearly two decades to using the conflict transformation paradigm in working with partners in Mindanao and in post-independent Timor Leste. She has trained men and women from Caritas International partners to local military officials.

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