Living in a Sacred Cosmos: Indonesia and the Future of Islam


Indonesia is part of a global system that seems to promote polarization, suspicion and fear of the other. Is there a correlation between intensification of Islamic piety and the growth of intolerance and discrimination in Indonesia? Is Indonesia experiencing an Islamic rennaisance, or disintegration of its famed “unity in diversity”? The presentation suggests that there are good reasons to hope that Indonesia can have a positive influence on future relations between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.

Prof. Bernard Adeney-Risakotta, Ph.D. (Bernie) was the founding director of ICRS.  He is currently Professor of Religion, Ethics and Social Science, and International Representative of ICRS.  Bernie was born in China of British and American parents. He received his higher education in Wisconsin, London and Berkeley. His recently completed book is titled Living in a Sacred Cosmos: Indonesia and the Future of Islam.

Look at the full poster of this event here.




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