Ritual in Disputes: Invention, Authority and Legitimacy in Indonesian Confucianism


This presentation discusses the invention, negotiation and establishment of the idiosyncratic Confucian ritual in the beginning of the twentieth century in the Dutch East-Indies. It demonstrates (1) the routes of ideas from Europe and China, (2) the contacts with different religious traditions, (3) the religious agencies of the Confucian believers, and (4) contested interpretations of Chinese culture and religion among the Chinese peranakans. In the later period, it describes the roles of the National Confucian Association, which holds an institutional power to introduce and discipline their adherents, as well as their compliance to the Indonesian state’s definition of religion.


Evi Sutrisno is a Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at the University of Washington, Seattle. Combining archival research and ethnography, her dissertation investigates the making of Confucianism in Indonesia and its development from the early twentieth century to the post-colonial Indonesia and the reformation era. Email: evis@uw.edu

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