Preparing the modern world: The historical and cultural significance of the Reformation

ABSTRACT: The Reformation was an historical event in the 16th century in Western and Central Europe, but its continuing influence can be identified not just in Germany but globally. Originally a reform within Christianity which resulted in the split of Protestant from Catholic Christianity, it led to new conflicts and even wars which finally resulted in a new ordering of the political landscape of Europe. The dramatic changes in politics, culture and religion it brought prepared the way for Europe into the modern world. This talk will address some of these ideas and their cultural significance all over the world.

SPEAKER: Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Grosshans teaches Protestant Theology and Philosophy of Religion at the University of M√ľnster in Germany where he is Dean of the Faculty of Protestant Theology as well as director of the Institute for Ecumenical Theology. He has been a guest professor in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Malaysia and China.

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