Vive le Rock: Give Pop Culture a Chance!


When talk turns to revolution—massive socio-political change—too many activists (yes, you!) are too quick to disregard pop culture as unimportant and to accuse its representatives today—the so-called Millennial generation—of being too ignorant and too busy taking selfies to care about social justice, but, in truth, if the fire can be ignited in Millennials’ hearts, they can be as clever as Zapatistas and as militant as Sandinistas. This talk will delve into how the groundbreaking music-fueled pluralism forum Muda Berbuat Bertanggung Jawab seeks to do just that, because, throughout history, young people have always been at the forefront of revolution and Millennials are no different.   


Music columnist, writer, radio DJ, activist, creative industry leader, and librarian, Rudolf Dethu is heavily under the influence of punk rock philosophy. In addition to Muda Berbuat Bertanggung Jawab, he manages such stellar musical acts as The Hydrant, Leonardo and His Impeccable Six, Negative Lovers, Rebecca Reijman, Leanna Rachel, Athron, and Manjâ.

Look at the full poster of the event here.



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