Workshop: The Use of Social Networking in Higher Education

Presented by Ronald Gilliam, Online Development Coordinator – Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawai′i at Mānoa.

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In the past ten years, social networking sites have gained in popularity, but many users have yet to learn the efficacy behind strategic social networking. Surprisingly, few academics and educational administrators use free social networking sites despite that the majority of students have daily interaction in online social communities. This presentation aims to showcase various social networking technologies and how they may be applied in an academic setting. The Center for Southeast Asian Studies social networking strategies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo will be used as resources for our discussion and we will explore examples of how to create social networking strategies to maximize engagement.

Wednesday, August 19th 2015 @ 10- 12 AM, Room 407
4th floor of Graduate School Building, UGM
Jl. Teknika Utara, Pogung, Yogyakarta Telp. 0274 544 976


Ronald GilliamRonald Gilliam is the Online Development Coordinator in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and he is primarily responsible for the continual development of the Center’s online programming. Since joining the Center in 2009, Ronald has implemented strategic social networking standards in order to create a dynamic community on the CSEAS website. He freelances as a graphic designer and web development consultant through his company, Colordrop.


Download the presentation materials below:
Creating a Social Media Strategy -guide



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