Wed FORUM: Karatagan Ciremai, A Tale of Sunda Wiwitan Teenager


Sunda Wiwitan is an indigenous religion of that is practiced by some Sundanese people in Cigugur, Kuningan, West Java. Although the state recognizes this spiritual practice as an aliran kepercayaan, or a recognized belief organization, this community still faces discrimination for practicing their ancestral religion both from the state and from members of the religious majority in their surrounding social environment.  
This fifteen-minute documentary tells the story of Anih, a 14 year old Sunda Wiwitan girl, and how she faces the challenges of the societal reactions to being part of a family of Sunda Wiwitan followers.   
Karatagan Ciremai is of one of six documentaries of the Kembang 6 Rupa series, a collaborative documentary project voicing girls’ points of view from six areas in Indonesia: Kuningan, Indramayu, Sleman, Sumedang, Sumbawa and Wamena.

Rachma Safitri is the executive director of Kampung Halaman (KH), a non-profit organization that fosters the use of audiovisual medium through popular-community based programs, particularly targeting youth in pursuing the transformation towards a better society. In 2011 KH was awarded the US “International Spotlight Award” by the National Arts and Humanities program award for its active role in inspiring youth.


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