Wednesday Forum: Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, Introduction to the Nonviolent Communication

the famous parable of nonviolent communication

For most of us, it’s in difficult moments — in an inner / personal /professional conflict — when it’s clear how our communication habits can keep us from the extraordinary relationships we really want with others and with ourselves. Millions of people struggle every day sharing what they feel or want in a way that can really be heard. We simply haven’t been taught the effective communication skills, emotional vocabulary, or self-awareness needed to get “unstuck” in those challenging moments, or to prevent those moments from happening in the first place. Nonviolent Communication is about learning to communicate with compassion towards self and others leading to trust and nurture.

Sara Nuytemans is recognized as a visual artist, meditation teacher, Buteyko health therapist, and the founder of Soul Living in Yogyakarta. Having studied various style of meditation and dance expression methods, she facilitates two-day interactive workshops on ‘Connected Communication’ based on the Nonviolent Communication teachings of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg to raise awarness about communication patterns and the impact these patterns have on ourselves and others.



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