International Summer School: Human Development and Human Rights

The Kosmospolis Institute of the University for Humanistic Studies in the Netherlands, in cooperation with Hivos and its partner for Pluralism Knowledge Program in India, Indonesia and Uganda will hold International Summer School on Human Development and Human Rights. The theme of this program is ‘Pluralism and Development’. After holding this program in Netherlands and India (Bangalore), in 2009 the summer school will be held in Yogyakarta, by the Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies (CRCS) UGM, on July 13, 2009 to August 7, 2009. Participants of this program consist of 4 people who come from Netherlands, India, and Uganda and 6 people come from Indonesia. For the applicants who passed selection, the committee will pay for transportation to Yogyakarta, accommodations, and hotel during four weeks. All of the programs will be delivered in English, including presentation and writing.

Deadline of registration is JANUARY 31, 2009.

To know more about the program, please click application form and call for application.


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