Bibliography Database Series on Religious Life in Indonesia: New round of Prevention of Terrorism

Since the Bali bombing attacks in 2002, terrorism, especially those involving Muslim perpetrators and done with islamic motivation associated with them, became one of the issues that characterize the religious life of Indonesia. Measures to deal done fairly systematically. In this regard, the Indonesian police often gets credit for the success they catch the perpetrators and the people in this terrorist network. Condemnation of the bombers came from many religious leaders and community organizations. Although there appears to be a tendency to decrease the number of cases, terrorism obviously has not disappeared from Indonesia.

In 2010, there are some important issues focused on talks on terrorism. First, the arrest and trial, including the shooting of important figures of terrorism. Second, dismantling the network, the target might even be a new motive for terrorism, including in some new actions are linked to terrorism. Third, and this is important enough, a new round of prevention of terrorism committed by the government, in collaboration with community organizations, including Islamic organizations.

Entering the first months of 2010, security forces develop a pattern of network investigation Noordin M. Top, includes those who helped with the power and the party who allegedly helped the problem of funding. South Jakarta District Court has set the sentence for cases related to both. Aris Susanto (Noordin friend) was sentenced on May 31, 2010, Putri Munawaroh (Noordin’s wife’s friend) on July 29, 2010, and Bahrudin Latif alias Baridin (Noordin in-law) on October 26, 2010; each 8, 3 and 5 years in prison on charges hide the terrorists. Demands the same time, two students and an alumni of a State University in Jakarta, namely Afham Ramadan, Soni Jayadi and Dawn Eden, three sentenced 4 years 6 months. Meanwhile, Amir Abdillah, the driver of a bomb-laden car at the JW Marriot hotel 2009, sentenced to eight years in prison. The authorities have also arrested one suspect and made the university students in Solo who is accused of war exercises help circulate the file. On the other hand, courts have also sentenced to five years in prison M. Gabriel over the demands of helping to fund. Abu Bakar Bashir was arrested again on charges similar to M. Gabriel and his case is still on trial.

Source: Annual Report on Religious Life in Indonesia 2010 Part One: Religious Life in the Community CRCS UGM. Yogyakarta. Page 18      


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