Islamic Ethical Response to Over Population and Over Comsumption: The Case of the World Water Crisis

Author : Ainun Jariyah, 2006)
Keywords : Environmental crisis, overpopulation, over consumption, water world crisis, Islamic ethics and Muslim’s responses.
World’s population today is 6.5 billions approximately with 76 millions growths per year. According to the UN, the world’s populations will add by 2.6 billion in 2050. The concern on overpopulation started with the damaged of natural resources and the environment. The high population growth and human over consumption is two main caused of the increasing of the pressure on earth natural resources. This matter caused by the inability of the earth to fulfill the need of the world’s population needs. The solutions on environmental problems are impossible without the solution on overpopulation and over consumption issue.The height of the population growth and over consumption are assumed as the root of environmental problems, one of which is water crisis. This situation is caused by the lack of human awareness on the limitation of water’s amount on this earth and the increasing of human population whose water need is all about the same. Those two things caused human lack of attention and lack of awareness to economize on water use, also by the increasing human population which estimated will reach the stable amount in 2050.

Main water ethical problems are the inequality access on clean water and the right of water ownership as natural resources able to be found in nature. The water quality is decreasing caused by the industrial and household waste pollution. The water ownership’s right is inquired when we are aware that water is naturally able to be found in nature and should be able to use by every human being. But it has become possession of some people for their economics’ benefits and this cause the financial loss of the public’s need especially the poor.

The common responses on all problems concern to natural resources’ use, over consumptions, and over population are three important things; justice principals, evenly balanced, and attentive behavior. We should fair on placing the wants so it won’t emphasize the individual needs/ wants on public needs/ wants, balancing the use of natural resources by behaving more attentive whether on himself or on others.

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