Idea of Civil Religion in Indonesia

Title : IDEA OF CIVIL RELIGION IN INDONESIA: Searching The Format of Religious Democratization
Author : Elma Haryani (CRCS, 2004)
Keywords : Civil religion, democratization, Pancasila, contextualization.
This research is aimed to found a fundamental stucture based on the discourse of Civil Religion generally and its contextualisation in the religious community in Indonesia and furthermore its reability in Indonesia.

The model of research prefer to library research. Then in collecting abundant data to observe analysis object of research that Civil Religion: searching for a comprehensive feature about it in books, magazines, journals and articles. Hence all of collected data will be formulated by using content analyze method and its result will be contextualized in the sociological level of community in Indonesia.

Originally the term of Civil Religion appearance in such countries for instance in Japan and America. Being published by Robert N. Bellah is a thinker who inspired also by J.J Rosseau and Emile Durkhein as the founding fathers of that term. Andrew Shrenk, Philip Hammond and John Coleman continue to spread and develop that idea. Moreover, this term progressively increase in such countries adapt with their local wisdom and local culture.

Mainly the proponent factors of raising this term in Indonesia is in Pancasila and the diversity of ethnicities, religions, language correlated with the high sense of tolerance and sense of pluralism. This term more emphasize in theological and interpretation level and at the same time searching for a larger space proportionally between religion and politic participating democracy in civil religion socialization.

I come to conclude that with a particular adaptation to local culture in Indonesia upon religious life will enrich the understanding and appreciation to see relationship between religion and politic.

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