The Traditional Islamic Boarding Schools Response to The Other

Title : The Traditional Islamic Boarding School’s Response to “The Other” (The Study of Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School in Pasuruan, East Java)
Author : Akhmad Munir (CRCS, 2005)
Keywords : Traditional Pesantren, Religious Exclusivity, Truth and Salvation Claim, Religious Ideologization.
Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School, Pasuruan, East Java has been the oldest tradisional Islamic Boarding School existing in Indonesia. It’s a huge Islamic Boarding School having its own educational system with caring of traditional type which doesn’t affiliate with government education system. Traditional education system referring to the former Ulama’s works has created special character of Islamic Boarding School in seeing “the others” (Christian and Jewish community). The internalization of traditional values, like big honor to the former Ulama’s works, total obedience to the Kyai, and strong fanatics to Islam as well has given a unique view in seeing another religious community.

This research is a field research using qualitative approach with the technique of collecting data through interview and participant observation as well as visual method. Even the research is a field research, the writer has also mixed with library research as secondary data. Its approach is theological-sociological-anthropological approach trying to provide an understanding of Islamic doctrines which cause the relation among religious communities through a set of infrastructure of Islamic Boarding School education.

Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School has a rigid attitude in seeing “the others”. In the level of I’tiqady (belief), among religious communities are limited by a clear line that: “your religion is your religion and my religion is my own religion”. But, in social relationship, all could make a close cooperation without seeing each religious differentiation. In this context, Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School has an exclusive understanding that the only Islam has claims both salvation and truth. But, the exclusivity of Sidogiri Islamic Boarding School doesn’t create an effort to apply ideologization of religion that causes the establishment of Islamic syariah. In its view, democratic system doesn’t contradictive with Islamic values, like syura (sharing), musawah (equality), and ‘adalah (justice). In this context, “the other” in Sidogiri’s perspective is another community which sociologically is a power to build peaceful pro-existence even though it theologically has a different belief. But, at the same time, Sidogiri has a consciousness to the implementation of Islamic universality which could be together accepted without any forces to Islamic ideology. So, religious exclusivity is on the level of I’tiqady (belief) but not in social area and ideologization of Islam as well.

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