The History of Abraham in the Christian and Islam Tradition

Title : The History of Abraham in the Christian and Islam Tradition (An Exegetical Approach on Texts Genesis 12:1-9 and Ali Imran 64-69, and Relevance for Islam Christian Relation in Indonesia)
Author : Flavius Floris Andries (CRCS, 2009)
Keywords : Texts, hermeneutic, interpretation, attitude, behave and view of Islam-Christian.
This Thesis explores the theme of Islam Christian relation viewed with exegetical approach of the Holy Scriptures: Genesis 12:1-9 and Ali Imran 64-69. The present study aims to making interpretation on the texts and try to understand the -theological values of the texts. Regarding this problem, thus, the investigation is done by social-historical method, where the historical context of the texts which are closely related to social phenomenon, politics economics, culture and ideology of society are connected straight with the texts. Thus, how to understand the reality contexts of the reader all at once interpreter’s now day, which have different ideology, social case, economics, politics, culture, even education level that is influential in shaping the frame work into making an interpretation of the texts of the holy scriptures, so that, we can not be trapped in literary understanding and idolatry of the texts, instead making the texts more sensible and riches with ethic-theological values, as theological assets of both religions tradition. The exegetical investigation on Genesis 12:1-9 and Ali Imran 64-69, according to the writers, contains theological values that are pluralist, and has the strength to smash the relationships of religion which are repressed as a result of literal understanding to the texts of the Holy Scripture. The result of interpretation of both texts is the strength for the writer to understand the reality of the fundamentalist movement in Indonesia which is according to the writer is a challenge for Islam-Christian relationships. Thus, hermeneutical principal is very important and influential as an effort to interpret and understand the accurate meaning of the texts of the Holy Scripture.

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