The Contribution of Interdenominational Church to Interreligious Dialogue

Title : The Contribution of Interdenominational Church to Interreligious Dialogue: A Case Study of Yogyakarta International Congregation
Author : Irawati Setiawan (CRCS, 2005)
Keywords : YIC, interdenominational, inter-religious dialogue, the other religious and the other suffering
This research aims at knowing the contribution of an interdenominational Church in the frame of inter-religious dialogue. Religion has passed the age of monologue to the age of dialogue, including Christianity. Concerning that reason, this research deeply delves into the Yogyakarta International Congregation (YIC) on how it runs the community and explores the contribution of YIC into inter-religious dialogue. Two fundamental questions will be answered in this research. These are what position does YIC hold and what are the contributions of YIC to inter-religious dialogue in the Indonesia present context. The writer believes that the way YIC organizes the community which is mixed of Christian attitudes ranging from the conservative to the liberal makes significant contribution to inter-religious dialogue.

This research requires two steps: library and field research. Library research was used to find a theoretical framework for the research and for analyzing the collected data. The field research was used to tract the recent development of YIC and to collect data related to the research problems through in-depth interview and observation. Hence, the approach concentrates on the sociology of religion to analyze the existence of YIC through its profiles, leadership and activities in order to know the function and contribution made by YIC.

The way YIC runs its community positioned YIC in terms of pluralist. Through that position and how YIC runs its community, this research explores the contribution of YIC in the frame of inter-religious dialogue in Indonesia context. YIC with love as their common ground which colored its attitude toward the “other religious” and the “other suffering” can be an appropriate model of dialogue in Indonesian context addressing religious conflict and the “other religious” and the “other suffering”.

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