The Concept of Salvation for Ahl Al-Kitab in the Tafsir Al-Maraghi

Title : The Concept of Salvation for Ahl Al-Kitab in the Tafsir Al-Maraghi
Keywords : Al-Maraghi, Tafsīr al-Maraghī, ahl al-kitāb, salvation
The main aim of the research is to review al-Maraghi’s interpretation of the ahl al-kitāb and their salvations. The model of research is library research. Then, abundant data was collected from Tafsīr al-Maraghī, especially his interpretations related to the topic. All of the data were collected by using Qur’anic concordance. The verses are collected by refer to words or phrases which indicated to the conditions, appreciations, and salvation of ahl al-kitāb. Then they will be classified according to the content and al-Maraghi’s interpretations.The primary result of the research is that, according to al-Maraghi, basically all of the ahl al-kitāb communities will get salvation if they have “surrender to the will of God” or have islam (in it general meaning). However, in another side of his exegeses, he also emphasize that the salvation for them must be restricted to believe in Muhammad. In another word, in order to get salvation they need to convert as Moslem first. Actually, this kind of doctrine, according to al-Maraghi, has been written down in their own sacred texts, but it corrupted by the writers or the scholars since the first time.Finally, it is worth noting that most of al-Maraghi’s exegeses about the salvation of ahl al-kitāb are inclusive ones. This can be proving from the fact that most of his interpretations are tend to appreciate to their spirituality and belief.

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