Seeking for Religious Identity

Title : Seeking for Religious Identity: A Case Study toward the Children of Interreligions Marriage in Yogyakarta
Author : Roro Sri Rejeki Waluyojati (CRCS, 2005)
Keywords : Pluralism, Tolerance, and Humanism
The objective of this research was to know the perception of the children of interreligions marriage in Yogyakarta in their effort to understand a religion and how they applied the religiosity attitude and expression in their personal and social lives. Moreover, this research discussed the religious experiences perceived by those children during their lives in a family with diversity of beliefs.

It was a qualitative research using analytical descriptive method, in which the researcher tried to describe explicitly the phenomena of the children of inter-religions marriage in their processes to find the religious identities. The location of this research was in Yogyakarta, because it was viewed to have enough data resources to perform the study. As we have known, the pluralistic condition of Yogyakarta society that had high religious tolerance values had enabled us to find phenomena of a family consisting of members who have different beliefs.

Eventually, the researcher got a description from the research that in a society with pluralistic culture, which had high religious tolerance such as Yogyakarta, the phenomena of children of the inter-religions marriages could be a typical characteristic of the successful harmonious inter-religious lives concept in the area. It could be happened because Javanese people, especially in Yogyakarta, were still loyal and respectful to the values of harmony and peace as their life-philosophy. However, one thing should be concerned here was when the children of those inter-religions marriages more emphasized the social piety than the normative one in expressing their religious attitude.

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