Peace and Dialogue: Sociological Review of Dialogue and Peace Initiative in Ambon 1999-2004

Title : Peace and Dialogue: Sociological Review of Dialogue and Peace Initiative in Ambon 1999 – 2004
Author : Yance Zadrak Rumahuru (CRCS, 2005)
Keywords : conflict, dialogue, social community
Abstract :
This thesis explores the great theme of peace and dialogue within the context of social community (religious people) in Ambon that is reviewed through sociology approach. The study aims to, first, describe how parties involved in communal conflict in Ambon developed dialogue and peace efforts; second, give a map of dialogue process and peace effort done by government and community groups during the conflict in Ambon. It is a disadvantage that discourses about Maluku during conflict tend to be done in form of dichotomy and confrontation between religious communities that blasphemed and killed each other, and just looking for their own trueness or discover violence aspect of the conflict rather than discover some facts on efforts of community groups and government in building dialogue and peace.

This research was done in Ambon, by focusing in two locations: Negeri Batumerah in Sirimau subdistrict and Negeri Passo in Teluk Ambon Baguala subdistrict of Ambon town. The choice of these regions is based on consideration that Batumerah and Passo are places that were centers of conflict in Ambon in 1999 to 2002. Second, each negeri has a high level of diversity especially in ethnic background. Third, Batumerah and Passo are customary areas, which culturally have common cultures and traditions with other areas in Ambon and Maluku Tengah entirely. Subjects of the research are kings, local figures, community figures, and youths in two regions. To get data required, the author gave questionnaire consisting of questions with close answers and open answers the respondents should fill. Then, the author made focus group discussion (FGD) with community groups in Batumerah and Passo. Third, in-depth interview was done with 14 informants in the two regions. Research in Passo and Batumerah indicates that government and community groups use structural and cultural approach in order to cease and settle conflict as prerequisite to build reconciliation and rehabilitation in Maluku. However, there is assessment by the local community that government (state) tended to use a structural approach. On the other side, communal groups made dialogue and peace initiative through a bottom- up approach and used local wisdom or pride that in this thesis is called cultural approach.

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