Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Peace Education

Title : Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Peace Education: Exploration on Peace Process Toward a Sustainable Development in Post-Conflict Area of North Maluku
Author : Agung Gunansyah (CRCS, 2005)
Keywords : Reconciliation, Peace Educators, Spiritual Intelligence
Abstract :
North Maluku is one of the areas that has been relatively progressive in the recovery process after a severe civil conflict in 1999 but it seems that there is still the possibility of returning outbreak of violence conflict. This research tries to reveal the conditions of the peace process that happened in North Maluku, the challenges in the future reconciliation and the SQ (spiritual intelligence) condition of Peace Educators as the party who take up main role in educating children to overcome the negative effect of the conflict as well as preparing society to face the challenge/potentiality of conflict in the future. SQ, which is related to meaning, values, creative vision, and the most important thing: the power to transform, has an important role in creating a foundation for a genuine peace process. Exploring SQ, then, will give the ability to observe the capacity to learn from the past conflict, to have forgiveness, tolerance, justice, nonviolence, and a vision of a peaceful community.The research found that the community indeed had some coping mechanism to overcome the tremendous effect of the traumatic experience, such us humor, religious life and the communal life of the society. However, true reconciliation has not yet happened since it seems that there are skipped steps in the process of moving out from the cycle of violence and developing true reconciliation. The existing ethnic and religion fanaticism, post-conflict trauma, the unveiled root cause of the conflict, and sense of vengeance, besides economy and politic factors are the current problem of the society. Most of them choose to forget as a way of forgiving. At the end, the community has not succeeded yet in developing a mechanism to learn from the past conflict as a way to transform their relationship. Moreover, they face a critical situation for developing values and systems that will guarantee sustainable peace in North Maluku.

Exploration of spiritual intelligence of the Peace Educators has found some good qualities of spiritual intelligence that they have. Yet, it is not on the level to have the capacity to take up the duty of developing mechanism to learn from the past conflict.

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