Discrimination Against a Religious Minority

Title : Discrimination Against a Religious Minority: A Case of the Existence of the Tolotang Community in Amparita Tellu Limpoe Sidenreng Rappang South Sulawesi
Author : Hasse J (CRCS, 2004)
Keywords : Tolotang, religious discrimination, religious minority, inter-religious relation, religion and state
Abstract :
This research aims to inquire about the existence of the Tolotang community and discrimination that is experienced by Tolotang in Amparita. There are two hypotheses proposed: (1) There are some factors that supporting the existence of Tolotang community even though Tolotang people live as a minority in their community. (2) There are also some discrimination experienced by the Tolotang which come not only from society but also from the government.This research is a field research which uses the qualitative approach. The object of research is followers of the Tolotang religion who live in Amparita and other places in Sidenreng Rappang regency. The research finds that the Tolotang people do a number of things to survive and develop until now. As strategies, the Tolotang cooperate with the outside community which is stable in the frame of Tolotang teaching, understand the Tolotang teaching, leadership and follower regeneration, avoid interfaith marriage, and affiliate with one of the recognized religions in Indonesia. However, the existence of Tolotang is not free from the kind of discriminations that come from society and government. The first discrimination is stigma that marginalizes Tolotang followers. It is from society that does not agree with Tolotang existence. The second is from Indonesia government through government policies that limit Tolotang followers in improving and practicing their teachings.

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