Jalan Jalang Ketuhanan: Gatholoco and Decontruction of Brai Santri

Title : Jalan Jalang Ketuhanan: Gatholoco dan Dekonstruksi Santri Brai
Author : Herusiswanto (CRCS, 2009)
Keywords : serat suluk gatholoco, literature, sufism, religion, and culture
Serat Gatholoco is one of Javanese literatures that was written in the end of 19th century. Generally, it is still considered a controversial writing. It is often regarded as an immoralist writing that is sung to blasphemy Islam.This research is an effort to read the Serat Gatholoco intertextually in relation with other Javanese suluk texts. It means this reading is done with involve other Javanese suluk texts and certain sufistic views as a paradigm of the literature. In other words, the aim of this reading is to find the textual connection between Serat Gatholoco and other Javanese suluk texts. The textual connection is considered as a fundamental characteristic of traditional Javanese literature.

The result of this research shows that if Serat Gatholoco is read intertextually, its discourses seem usual in front of other Javanese suluk texts or under the sufistic perspective. It means, Serat Gatholoco is just a piece of poem which sings the popular theme of Javanese suluk literature with, of course, its unique literary style. Even, the mode of Islamic life that is practiced by Gatholoco—the leading role of Serat Gatholoco—has a precedent in sufism.

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