Manusa Yadnya Ritual (Sarira Samskara) Within the Social Life of the Hindu Community in Bali

Title : Manusa Yadnya Ritual (Sarira Samskara) Within the Social Life of the Hindu Community in Bali: A Comparative Analysis
Author : Ni Nyoman Sri Widiasih (CRCS, 2004)
Abstract :
The purpose of this research was to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Manusa Yadnya (Sarira Samskara) ritual in Hinduism and its relationship with its community social life. And also it want to know the management of Manusa Yadnya ritual done by Hindus follower in Bali and Yogyakarta within glorify human existence, and want to know the meaning of each rituals.This research is a library research, whose primary materials are the books of Weda and Lontars. Although the earlier existence of the books of Weda and Lontars is not exactly known, the books of Weda were written in Devanagari letter that used a Vedic Sanskrit, and a number of translations are found in Indonesian. It is the same case with Lontars, although these use a Sanskrit, Kawi, and Balinese text, these are also a number translations found in Indonesian. This research was conducted using a sociological approach, and the output of this research will be presented in an analytical descriptive explanation.Finally from the research done, it could be concluded that the ritual that Hinduism done as the expression of their bakti and thanks to God, with all His blessing and yadnyas for universe and all in it. All the ritual variations that Hinduism done as one ways for tighten, fasten, strengthen and maintained their faith. Whereas, panca yadnya means five rituals is done in Hinduism consisting of Dewa Yadnya, Pitra Yadnya, Rsi Yadnya, Manusa Yadnya, and Bhuta Yadnya. On the other hand, the meaning of Manusa Yadnya ritual is glorify human existence, so that all of ritual that have been done always containing requesting, hoping, forgiveness elements. Principally, the essence and goal of Manusa Yadnya ritual in Hinduism in Bali and Yogyakarta are same, but there appeared various forms in management religious life. This matter is influenced by psycho-religious, socio-cultural and local custom, yet that ritual based on same principle. So, every ritual in Hinduism, actually it couldn’t be separated with other rituals, but just one ritual prioritized that followed and supported by other rituals as well.

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    12 April 2016

    Hello, This appears to be very interesting and I would like to read the full document. How can I do this please? Regards, Ali

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      12 April 2016

      Thank you, Ali, for your interest in reading the whole thesis. It is available at CRCS Library, it is accessible if you are a member of the library and everyone can be a member.

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