Kuman Mahwadhi-wadhi: The Symbol of Harmonization between Culture and Religion

Title : Kuman Mahwadhi-wadhi: The Symbol of Harmonization between Culture and Religion
Author : Thisye Ollyvie Pangkerego (CRCS, 2006)
Keywords : religion, culture, harmonization, acculturation, symbol
Abstract :
Kuman Mahwadhi-Wadhi as a practice of eating together is such an important part of every Christian rites in Kembes, a village in Minahasa. This practice is a harmonization which is result from the acculturation and purification of Christian with local culture. Clifford Geertz concept about culture as a pattern of meaning or the ideas including symbols which with that the community performs their knowledge about life and expressing that into certain symbols- is a right explanation in how we see and analyze the meaning of every culture symbols.An acculturation between Christian and local culture in Kuman Mahwadhi-wadhi form has some meaning of symbols: Gratefulness to Empung Wailan Wangko as a source of everything in human life as local culture belief was purified with new meaning as a gratefulness to God-a source of blessing. The Unity among this community is inspired by Mapalus system-living in togetherness and share helps each other in everything. Its value is reinforcing with an explanation that community is a Body of Christ that living together and sharing love each other. Equality is emphasized to interaction of Kembes community. It describes an understanding about the Sacrifation of Jesus Christ who come and become a man into the world, and cleans the sin of this world.As a run of time, the harmonization is facing with some conflicts caused of modernity. Kuman Mahwadhi-wadhi does not understanding as a holy part of a rites, but now, it tends to be an appendix which related to social status of the member of the community. It is also become a life style of consumerist. It is clear that Kuman Mahwadhi-wadhi has a differentiation meaning; unfortunately, it is supported by church, which does not make a move to reform the meaning of the symbols.


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