The Beati Ritual for Moslem Teenage Girls within the Culture of Gorontalo Society

Title : The Beati Ritual for Moslem Teenage Girls within the Culture of Gorontalo Society
Author : Yowan Tamu (CRCS, 2009)
Keywords : Beati, moslem teenage girls, Gorontalo society
Abstract :
The research is themed on “The ritual of Beati for Moslem Teenage Girls within the Society of Gorontalo”. Beati is a ritual to change status from a little girl to teenager. This research aims to provide Islamic spiritual understanding for teenage girls who are growing up and whose understanding on Islam is not yet considered perfect before conducting Beati.The research is an ethnographic one where all data is based on perspectives, arrangement, and understanding of certain society including rules, norms, and categories lived trough by the society. This study is completed through data analysis, observation, and information from informants. The observation and data analysis are similar, which is information on essential aspects of Beati that embrace all agents of the ritual, teenage girls as well as those girls who are not yet underwent the process.

The research is conducted in the regency of Marisa, Pohuwato district. It takes six months to observe the ritual’s preparation process, realization, and after ritual process. This research is accomplished by conducting observation, interview, and documentation. It tries to answer three main questions. First, how does the ritual of Beati exist and what is its role in developing mental, spiritual, and characters of teenage girls in Marisa? Second, why does the ritual of Beati still exist amidst the strong cultural penetration everywhere? Third, how do the people of Marisa accept the ritual in their life?

The research concludes that Beati shapes mental and character of teenage girls to be well-mannered, morally good, and responsible to themselves as well as to others. Some of people also view the ritual as a way to preserve local culture. However, there are others who see it as no longer relevant to present condition.

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