Truth in Encounter: Investigating Change Processes of Religious Identity Formation

In a plural world with a global culture, religious identities, too, seem pluralised and globalised. Yet, it is also clear that regional and local cultural contexts play a formative role in shaping such identities. This highly sensitive inter-religious issue becomes also a question for theological and inter-cultural communication within religions themselves: How may differently shaped religious self-understandings be defined as still belonging to a certain religious formation? Who is to make this determination? Which criteria are to be employed for inclusion or exclusion? Because truth-claims are unavoidable for answering such questions, the ways they come about need reconsideration.

Eckhard Zemmrich is Research Fellow for Intercultural Theology and Religious Studies at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin. He has published on Christian concepts of humility and other ethical, inter-cultural and inter-religious issues, and investigates youth inter-religious literacy in Indonesia as part of a project with Contending Modernities from the University of Notre Dame, partnering with the University of Birmingham, Percik (Salatiga) and Interfidei (Yogyakarta). He is currently researching contextualisation processes within Indonesian churches.

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