A new Christian response to the Islamic witness to Jesus the Son of Mary

The sixth edition of CFAC (CRCS Friday Afternoon Forum) will be held on Wednesday, November 23, 2007, at 15:30-17:00, in Graduate School Building, third floor, room 306, Gadjah Mada University. The key speaker will be Prof. Simon Rae. The theme in the discussion will be “A new Christian response to the Islamic witness to Jesus the Son of Mary”. Below is the abstract which will be presented in discussion.

Two recent publications have raised again for Christian theology questions about the status and significance of Muslim testimony to the life and ministry of Jesus. In the past this alternative witness has generally been either rejected or ignored by Christian scholars, although some scholars from both religious communities have attempted to clarify some of the issues involved.

In this presentation, it is claimed that in today?s society rejection or neglect of this important witness is no longer acceptable, or responsible. Listening carefully and respectfully to the Islamic witness to Jesus raises some very basic questions for Christian theology. It is these questions, and not a critique of the witness, that will be the focus of this seminar. Are we able to ?Start Again?, at this difficult time in the world?s history, to learn from each other while remaining faithful to the paths of faith to which we have been called?



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