Reawakening Social Institutions and National Culture

The 31st edition of Resonansi, which will be broadcasted live by RRI on June 7, 2007, will discusse ?Reawakening Social Institutions and National Culture?. Besides RRI, Resonansi talkshow can be watched on TVRI-Jogja on Friday and Monday (June 8 and 11, 2007) at 18.00-17.00, or read in Radar Jogja newspaper on June 11, 2007.

Ecological crisis, hardship, social differences, dehumanization, crime, are serious problems now. These problems relate to each other and influence not only general livelihood but also one?s personal life. The rise of divorce cases, drug abuse, depression, psychopaty, schizophrenia, and suicide are called by Fritjof Capra as “civilization diseases” have become part of modern life. Development of science and technology, which has become modernity?s icon does not always have a positive correlation with human prosperity. Social and cultural institutions which can harmonize relationships between human beings with God and human beings with nature slowly but surely are swallowed by time of modernity which more emphasize rationality and advantage compared to conscience.

Social institutions like tradition, norms, and local wisdom, which formerly became guidance for human beings to live more usefully have now become weak because many people think that they are not in line with logical modernity and economic advantage.

Revoking human beings from their cultural and social root alienates them from their lives. It makes people try to form society clubs to re-establish their intimacy, which could not be gotten in their family and social live. The society clubs are formed based on equality in hobby, life style, ownership, ideology, etc. People in society clubs have their own password. People from outside cannot enter this club. This kind of intimacy according to Prof. Irwan Abdullah has the potential to generate a clash because of the inexistence of a collective password which would enable contact between people in society clubs and outsiders. So in the coming period, potential conflict is not only in religion, race and ethnic differences but also in society clubs.

To anticipate conflict, revitalizing social institutions and national culture can communicate together values which can bring people closer with their selfes, family and social live. The 31st edition of Resonansi will talk about ?Reawakening Social Institutions and National Cultural?. Some issues which will be covered in this talkshow are: how social and cultural institutions full of exalted values can be reduced by modern values? How does modernity impact individuals, families and society? How can local wisdom intercept modernity? What are the rules of religious community in order to revitalize social and cultural institutions? Etc.

To study this problem comprehensively, Resonansi will invite two speakers. The 2 will include:

  1. Dr. Pande Made Kutanegara, a lecturer and researcher at the Center of Demographic studies at Gadjah Mada University. As an anthropologist and social researcher, Dr. Kutanegara will be expected to explain the process of social and cultural erosion done by modernity. He will as talk about the kind of local wisdom strengths in society which are important to be revitalized and defended.
  2. H. M. Nasrudin Anshory, CH. The Leader of Budaya Ilmu Giri Pesantren. As a leader of cultural institution and religious community, the speaker will be expected to explain the strength of local wisdom which can be reanimated and redeveloped.

As usual, this event will be guided by Prof. Dr. Irwan Abdullah from CRCS UGM and will be attended by Anand Ashram Yogyakarta.



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