Gone to the Dogs: Reading Religious Texts Through A Postcolonial Critical Frame

Religious texts and post-colonialism is our main topic this week in Wednesday Forum. The speaker in this forum is Dr. Elaine Kay Swartzentruber. We invite you to join this forum and discuss more about that topic. Other information about Wednesday Forum this week can be read as follows.

Date: Wednesday, 8 April 2009
Time: 12.30 pm ? 2.30 pm (free lunch)
Venue: Room 306, UGM Graduate School Teknika Utara Pogung
Speaker: Dr. Elaine Kay Swartzentruber


Theorist Edward Said has defined criticism as ?life enhancing and constitutively opposed to every form of tyranny, domination and abuse, its social goals are non-coercive knowledge produced in the interest of human freedom? (1991-29). Said?s own critical perspective has been generative of a set of theories known as postcolonialism. What happens when we use some of the insights of postcolonial criticism to read and interpret religious texts? What new critical insights might be introduced into our understanding of particular religious texts, religious practice and relationship between different religions?

In this presentation we will read a religious text from the Christian scriptures (Mark 7: 25ff.) through a postcolonial critical lens asking how such a lens might differ from traditional or liberation perspectives and how such a lens might open new arenas of inter-religious dialogue.

About the speaker:

Elaine Kay Swartzentruber comes to CRCS from the United States. She received her Ph.D in Religious Studies with a certificate in Women’s Studies from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia (1999), her MA from Chicago Theological Seminary (1991) and BA from the University of Colorado (1988). Before coming to Indonesia in 2007, she taught at Emory University and at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Her research and writing interests are in gender, subjectivity and religious community, interreligious dialogue, peace studies, postcolonialism and feminism in religious studies.


The forum is free of charge and on a first-come-first basis.

Contact person:

Elis (ICRS): elis@ugm.ac.id; Lina(CRCS): lina_pary@yahoo.com; Mustaghfiroh Rahayu(CRCS): mth.rahayu@gmail.com


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