It has just been realized that CRCS has already run two periods of Competitive Research Grant Projects with a theme “Interpretations and Responses on Natural Disaster: The Integrative Studies of Science, Religion and Culture.”

The first period started at the end of 2008, and now the successful research grantees are going to report their researches. The second period is going to hold another workshop and selection for the 10 best proposals.

This grant has involved academicians, researchers, and NGO activists from every corner of Indonesia. Some of their proposals are done individually while the other proposals are done by groups.

Just like the first period, the second period still has Prof. Dr. Irwan Abdullah, Dr. Zainal A. Bagir, Prof. Ali Gufron, Dr. Dwikorita Karnawati, Prof. Gerrit Singgih, Dr. Kwartarini Yuniarti, Dr. Moch. Nur Ichwan, Dr. Sudibyakto, Dr. Arqom Kuswanjono as jurors. They are from the University of Gadjah Mada, Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga and Duta Wacana Christian University.

During the first period, there were 185 proposals the committee received. Based on the jurors’ decision, 15 proposals were considered the best that successfully obtained the grant from CRCS.

Not only the proposals were different from each other, the amounts for the grant for the 15 proposals were also different. The first two proposals got 50 million rupiahs, the next two other proposals got 40 million rupiahs while about 25 million rupiahs were given to the eleven remaining proposals.

For the second period, out of 86 proposals the committee received, 26 has been selected which will be presented by the researchers to the jurors and other participants. The 26 selected proposals will face another round of scrutiny until the selection will come down to 10 which will be named the 10 best proposals which deserve the 30 million rupiah grant.

The committee has already received the reports of the researchers in the first period. The researchers will present their research results in a conference that will be held on March 11, 2010 at the fifth floor of Gedung Pascasarjana, UGM. However, before the conference, the committee will also hold a workshop and presentation for the second period on March 7 – 10, 2010 at Wisma MM UGM.

As the committee’s expectation to this program, the integrative studies on disaster and response are expected to give some contributions to the studies of disaster and disaster management in Indonesia. Through this expectation, the efforts of disaster prevention and management would be done better by many people in the future.


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