Wednesday Forum: Redefining Intimacy, Self in Schizophrenic Society



Love and intimacy are complex parts of our lives which bring together the realms of emotion, personal needs and desires, and religious and social expectations, but the practice of intimacy is socially constructed and has changed over time, particularly now as divorce rates are rising and definitions of marriage are in flux. This talk examines the phenomenon of extradyadic or non-monogamous relationships which are increasingly widespread in urban areas of Indonesia. Their emergence can be seen on a practical level as a rebellion against the structure and social fabric of Indonesian society but at the same time as part of an ongoing shift of ideological values and norms. Very little is understood about these extradyadic relationships, especially due to stereotypes and moral judgments on such practices in relation to heterosexual and monogamous norms in society. This talk is based on research which seeks to understand the practice and the concept of love in extradyadic relationships as an on-going phenomena in Indonesia through the eyes of extradyadic individuals. Using the concept originated by Deleuze and Guattari of the schizophrenic society, it explores how such intimacies  intertwine in creating a revolutionary change of social life through what they called schizo subjects.


Dian Arymami is a Cultural and Media Studies graduate and currently active as a lecturer in Department of Communication, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM since 2009. Having had her childhood in a constant move in Africa, she had found keen interest in culture and cultural communications, along with issues concerning empowerment, sexuality, and social criticism. Some of her writings can be found in Perempuan Bicara Kretek (2012), CSR Indonesia (2013), Satu Dekade Wajah Film Indonesia (2014). Currently, she is working on her dissertation on Redefining Intimacy. She can be contacted through or



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