Course Name : Religion, Violance and Peace Building
Course Code : SPSAG6120
Units : 3

Two things can be explored in this course: (1) the sources and dynamics of violence and peacebuilding, and how it relates to religion and religious values, (2) cultures and practices of peacebuilding that can become the alternatives to violence. This course will emphasize on how religion relates to other religions in the form of conflict and violence, as well as in the form of promoting justice and peace. From this class, student will learn the nature of conflict and violence in the society, violence in the name of religion and faith, and how religions deal with them. Other than theories and concepts, some living experience of conflict and peacebuilding will be introduced. Students are expected to study some of violence in different society and peace building movement of the society. After being involved discussion of varying ideas on peace and justice, students will study about religious perspective on peace building.