Thesis Award is part of CRCS’ ongoing commitment to disseminate academic work to the wider readership of the public. It also aims to encourage CRCS students to publish their theses. The Award will be open to two Alumni who will be invited to have their thesis compete for selection.

In 2013 CRCS published Jimmy Marcos Immanuel’s thesis “Marapu dalam Bencana Alam: Pemaknaan dan Respon Masyarakat Wunga Sumba Timur” (Marapu and Disaster: Interpretation and Responses of Wunga People, East Sumba), and Yuyun Sri Wahyuni’s thesis “Dayak Islam: the Re-emerging Identity in East Kalimantan Dayak Society” (under editing). In 2014 CRCS will publish Dian Maya Savitri’ thesis “Piety Revisited: the Case of Pesantren Waria Al-Fattah Senin – Kamis Yogyakarta” And Nurish Amanah’s “Baha’i: As Partial Narrative of Minority Religion in Indonesia (A Case Study in Banyuwangi, East Java)”.

Now CRCS is proud to announce the “Thesis Award” for 2015. It opens until July 31, 2014.

Application requirements:

  1. A letter of application explaining the importance of the thesis;
  2. A synopsis (1-2 pages) that includes how the thesis is engaged with current scholarship (literature);
  3. A soft file of thesis;
  4. A sealed Recommendation letter from the thesis advisor;
  5. Send the documents to:

To those whose theses are selected, they will be asked to sign a Letter of Commitment to work with the CRCS team to revise the thesis in a timely manner. Upon receiving the letter, CRCS will ask anonymous reviewers to review the selected theses, and send reviewers’ comments and notes to the writers to be used for revision. The revised theses will be edited by CRCS team before publication. CRCS will provide IDR. 2.000.000 to compensate writers’ work of revision.