WED Forum: The Role of University in Interfaith Peacemaking

University, especially state university, is a salad bowl of students from all around Indonesia with different cultures and religions. They meet and interact in daily life on campus. However, to get into deeper dialogue, intentional platform is needed. University can be the best platform to make this happens. It makes great impact in interfaith peacemaking […]

WED Forum: SUICIDE: Classic to Temp, Popular and Dangerous Topic

Suicide has become one of interesting human behaviors since the early civilization. Alber Camus in The myth of Sisyphus said, “The only interesting philosophical question worth asking is suicide.” Recently, the rate of suicide has risen sharply. It happened in all level of society regardless of one’s profession, education, economic status, religion, age and gender. The […]

WED Forum:Cultural and Religious Diversity in Response to Mental Health Problems

  In the Forum there will be also: Mary-Jo Del Vecchio Good, Professor of Social Medicine, Harvard University Subandi, Vice Dean, Faculty of Psychology, Gadjah Mada University   Prof. Byron Good and Mary-Jo have been doing research on mental illness (sakit jiwa) in Indonesia for many years, especially in Aceh and Yogyakarta.  They specialize on cultural factors […]

WED Forum: The Politics of Religious Freedom in Modern Japan

As a modern society that can be seen as simultaneously very religious and very irreligious, modern Japan has long been the site of ongoing struggles over religious freedom and the relationship between religion(s) and the state. Since the mid-19th century the stakes have been high in debates over what state regulation of religion is acceptable and […]

WED Forum: Life Inside the Camps and Ghettos for Burmas Muslim Rohingya

“What people need to understand is that at the heart of it, this isn’t a new story. The recent conflict in Rakhine isn’t something that just started in the summer of 2012. There is a historical legacy of persecution against the Rohingya community in Rakhine that dates back decades. Framing this as a religious issue […]