Afifur Rochman Syarani

Negotiating the roles of bhikkuni within Indonesian Theravada Buddhism

A review of Wilis Ekowati’s 2006 master thesis at CRCS UGM titled “The Controversy of Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampadā) within Theravada Buddhism in Indonesia”.

Dilema Multikulturalisme dan Keadilan Gender

Telaah terhadap buku Sarah Song, “Justice, Gender, and The Politics of Multiculturalism” (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007).

What can scholars of religion contribute to water management?

A report from the Wednesday Forum presentation by Frans Wijsen on March 28, 2018.

The Disengagement of Jihadists in Poso

A report on the Wednesday Forum presentation by Ihsan Ali-Fauzi, the director of PUSAD Paramadina.

Shifting the center of Islam from law to love

A report of the CRCS-ICRS Wednesday Forum presentation by Dr Haidar Bagir on the need for a paradigm shift in understanding Islam.