Ira Chuarsa

From Religion and Globalization class: The case of Caritas Germany

the case of Caritas Germany shows one of the benefits of globalization where it provides a common platform for people of different faith to work together.

Finding peace in the midst of disaster and suffering

A review of Albertus Rahardjo’s 2007 master’s thesis at CRCS on the experiences of a post-disaster Christian community in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

The Cap Go Meh celebration and the multiculturalism of the people in Tegal

The Chinese Lantern Festivel has been an annual public event in Tegal, Central Java, in which the non-Chinese also participate, as explored by Khaerul Ummah (CRCS, 2004 batch) in his master’s thesis.

Ruwat Rawat Borobudur for conserving a local and a world cultural heritage

CRCS students taking the Advanced Study of Buddhism class accompanied by the lecturer Dr. Gregory Vanderbilt attended the fifteenth annual cultural event of the Ruwat Rawat Borobudur, April 2018.

Field trip to Buddhist temples in Yogyakarta

As part of the Advanced Study of Buddhism course at CRCS, students visited two different Buddhist communities in Yogyakarta.

The Invention of Indonesian Confucianism

A report on the presentation by Evi Sutrisno on Indonesian Confucianism at the CRCS-ICRS Wednesday Forum.